1033: Formal Logic

Note that this implies you should NOT honk solely because I stopped for a pedestrian and you're behind me.

Explain XKCD: 1033

1958: Self-Driving Issues

If most people turn into muderers all of a sudden, we'll need to push out a firmware update or something.

Explain XKCD: 1958

1261: Shake That

How do I work it? IT'S ALREADY WORKING!

Explain XKCD: 1261

764: One Two

Cue letters from anthropology majors complaining that this view of numerolinguistic development perpetuates a widespread myth. They get to write letters like that because when you're not getting a real science degree you have a lot of free time. Zing!

Explain XKCD: 764

199: Right-Hand Rule

To really expand your mind try some noncartesian porn. Edwin Abbot Abbott has nothing on 'Girls on Girls in Tightly Closed Nonorientable Spaces'.

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