1543: Team Effort

Given the role they play in every process in my body, really, they deserve this award more than me. Just gotta figure out how to give it to them. Maybe I can cut it into pieces to make it easier to swallow ...

Explain XKCD: 1543

1863: Screenshots

For the final exam, you take a screenshot showing off all the work you've done in the class, and it has to survive being uploaded, thumbnailed, and re-screenshotted through a chain of social media sites.

Explain XKCD: 1863

1116: Traffic Lights

There's an intersection I drive through sometimes that has a forward green arrow, a red light, and a 'no turns' sign all on one pole. I honestly have no idea what it's telling me to do.

Explain XKCD: 1116

1884: Ringer Volume/Media Volume

Our new video ad campaign has our product's name shouted in the first 500 milliseconds, so we can reach the people in adjacent rooms while the viewer is still turning down the volume.

Explain XKCD: 1884

112: Baring My Heart

I'm just trying to explain, please don't be jealous! Man, why are all my relationships ruined by early 90's rappers?

Explain XKCD: 112